Jefo is such an handsome , cute , angelic young man , he's half Chinese and half Australian.

He makes beautiful songs (and there's a secret)
My bff : jefo is secret , right ?
Me : yes That's right
by Secret_atiny.D December 31, 2022


to "SB" is to delete a message sent accidently via social media, usually do to sending to wrong group or person.
"Yeah, she sent me a picture, but she SB'ed it quickly"

"I don't think they were meant to send me that, but it was quickly SB'ed"
by Anjuna December 31, 2022
Sarah is quick and loose and known for participating in a quickie now and then
by December 31, 2022
word/username to define the best person ever.
if you have this as your username you’re automatically cool

if you’re named sophia you’re sexy☺️❤️
“omg are you sophialovminion”
“yes i am”
“pls take a picture with me or i’ll kms
“i love my fans☺️🔥”
by victoriousanteater December 31, 2022
A brumby (also known as brumbyoz) is a new species of an Australian Dung Beetle that lives on the internet. It spreads filth on social media sites like Twitter and, unlike a real dung beetle, serves no useful purpose. It is also known to harass people (especially women) and exhibit an unwarranted savior complex but also shows cowardly behavior and runs away when confronted.
Look at that guy who is harassing women but doesn't have the guts to face up to them. He’s exhibiting pure brumby behavior.

A brumby has small balls but a big savior complex.
by Vir7us December 31, 2022
One. Word: BASED!
The people of South Lebanon, kicked out the Occupiers and showed them the meaning of justice, bravery and dignity!
Kind and welcoming as hell, you gotta love them.
Person2: Ah-Yeah, das a jnoubi
Person1: WHOAA I'd let him wipe the floor with me :)!
by Abu el 3ezzzz December 31, 2022
Someone who is material gworll and super idol and loves cats
Me: i have a friend names kiyomikat
by And_one_more_thing December 31, 2022
A slang word used in some Minecraft servers to express how good the player is. In some cases "CadenMC" is used as more of a compliment as a substitute for hot or cute.
Yo bro this man is a real CadenMC.
by kishertu December 31, 2022