What you call someone in Roblox Murderer Mystery 2 who leaves the game when they're sheriff.
Fuck you you a bitch bro for leaving that match ill fuck you and your wife and daughter
by labronjamesishot August 09, 2022
chance is a bitch
by chance griller May 20, 2022
usually what you would call a female dog but in this contexts no its not its a girl who would most likely have backstabbed you someone you used to be close friends with until they betrayed you now your left alone that's a bitch it can also be someone you trusted and they told everyone something you didn't want anyone to find out that's what bitch's are
girl 1: she is such a bitch look at her
girl 2: I know I cant believe she backstabbed us like that
by 123zarahb456 April 19, 2022
1)A person who is a snitch, coward, pussy or someone who is annoying

2) A Often used word to call a friend or family member who is being dumb
1) John is a bitch for ratting us out

2) “ Mat you a bitch, for real you crazy
by Doggonepuss January 10, 2022
yo mama is such a bitch, shes a karen.
by karen is whore xoxo April 29, 2021
by uhhh i cant think of name April 11, 2021
Hey did you here about that kid who is a bitch?
Oh you talking about ben Dinsmore?
by I hate you ben March 11, 2021
yo mama
who is a bitch? Yo mama.
by Th3D1vi5ion November 16, 2020