A bitch or an fake friend also can be used as snitch
For example: why acting weird as a blade
For example: that’s a blade you were supposed keep it real
by Suga._.Vtz March 27, 2021
the term used for a girl who a male may find sexually attractive and is used by the males friends when they do not know the name of said girl.
did you ride a blade last night? aw hai, i did aye
by skiddy123 May 17, 2016
Someone who talks endlessly about stupid things.
You just saw the most amazing, smack-tacular installment of "WWE Survivor Series" last night. You're in the middle of telling your friend Ingrid about Chris Jericho's booty-pummeling killer moves when she goes, "Dude, stop being a blade."
by kite-a-lynn September 22, 2007