1. How you would type accidentally quick, especially in texting.
2. A common spelling error of accidentally
by Billiam Beaver March 14, 2017
Accidently (a whole coke bottle) - Verb

To accidently something is to insert an object 5 to 6 inches up your rectum. This is commonly used to cause sexual pleasure, as it is also to annoy others.
The most common item to accidently is a coke bottle, yet most things can be used.
Using this term creates interesting prospects.
"I accidently a WHOLE coke bottle!"

"I have something to tell you... I accidently your dildo last night..."
"Accidently what?"
"Your dildo."

"I'm not gay! I just like to accidently!"

More examples at http://encyclopediadramatica.com/I_accidentally_X
by CJdamaster December 22, 2008
You wouldn't accidently a coca-cola bottle.
You wouldn't insert a coca-cola bottle up your ass.
by Anonymous13371 October 26, 2008