Big one
You are bored so you went on this shit website and tipped this up fuck you big one
by Chcbc November 04, 2020
Big one a word used to describe a large penis
Your a big one.
by The master baiter September 16, 2019
What girls I fuck often call my thick nine inch cock, for obvious reasons.
She howled like a wild animal as I drove the big one into her warm wet tight pussy.
by LoveTorpedo June 25, 2019
A devastating Earthquake that strikes the San Andreas fault line about every 100 years, last happening hitting in The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. Most commonly used in reference to a predicted future earthquake.
I think we should invest in some sturdier infrastructure here. I mean, what about when the Big One hits?
by 54229 265546437 April 21, 2018
This kid got a big one when he changed in the locker room. He looked down and "tried" to show it off.
by biggiggles April 05, 2018
A massive fart released from the anus that may cause nauseousness.
Chad ripped a Big One in Kiersten's face while she was giving him his morning blow!
by SlopNChop November 26, 2016
code for a bundle of heroin- 10 bags, otherwise known as a bun
i copped a big one for eighty in paterson and flipped it for a buck twenny to some maricóns in westchester
by nothing where we go January 01, 2011
I just bet two big ones on black jack.
by Teemuh April 30, 2008