Brazil is a country that is placed in South America.
I live in Brazil and i Hate it.
by quavomec September 11, 2022
portuguese people says brazil with s (brasil)

Brazil is the biggest country in the southern hemisphere and south american continent, ranking 5th largest country in the world.

the largest state is Amazonas, situated in the northwestern part of the country, ranking first largest state.

Sergipe is the smallest state, located on the southern coast of that country's northeastern bulge into the Atlantic Ocean, ranking first smallest state.

Alagoas is the most dangerous state, with a homicide rate of 64.6, ranking first most dangerous.

Santa Catarina is the least dangerous state, with a homicide rate of 12.8! ranking last most dangerous.

Brazil land area: 8.516.000 km²
but china wont be too far behind as well as united states.

brazil does not have a reporting system for tornadoes, so it looks like you can finally travel to a place where a tornado doesnt ruin your million dollar home.
(however brazil has actually tornadoes, but they occur rarely)
(oh and brazil does not have earthquakes, but they occur rarely too)
Teacher: what is the largest country in southern hemisphere?
Teacher: can somebody answer?
Student 1: *raises hand*
Teacher: yes?
Student 1: Its Brazil!
Teacher: Correct! now 5th largest country?
Student 1: Brazil again!
Teacher: correct! and lastly, largest country in the americas?
Student 1: Brazil!
Teacher: Wrong! its Canada! did i even mention "largest country in the south american continent"?
by bruhbrbhur July 07, 2022
A place in Earth
You're going to Brazil
by sussiboka May 29, 2022
Dont go to that contry dont go to brazil its bad
Brazil is bad
by Sansoa201 (Not real name) March 19, 2022
The largest natural habitat for off-duty cops.
Person 1: Check out this video of an off-duty cop shooting some robbers.

Person 2: Let me guess, the off-duty cop from Brazil?

Person 1: Yup.
by fencetape March 07, 2022
Thirty-five years ahead of its time, "Brazil" is a 1985 satirical black comedy directed by Terry Gilliam. Starring Jonathan Pryce, Robert De Niro, Michael Palin, Bob Hoskins, and Ian Holm, it clearly foresees life in 2020, the systemic breakdown of society and its technology, including ubiquitous video surveillance and flawed facial recognition, the hero driving a SmartCar, cops breaking down the wrong door with an endless chain of consequences.
Several times a day, as 2020 limped to its ragged, sputtering, dysfunctional close, he found himself muttering "Brazil"...
by Monkey's Dad December 31, 2021
Sexiest, smartest many on earth.
Damn, that Brazil is just something else. Look at him, so handsome
by Lolsmileyface November 23, 2021
A country that is now treated like a modern-day Gulag because of a meme.
by Someone who kinda exists August 17, 2021