a slur regarding women meaning, 'get back to the kitchen and me me a fucking sandwich you useless dishwasher bitch'
wife: i feel like i'm not respected enough in this household, i sometimes need some consideration, i'm beginning to feel uncomfortable around you and need some time.
husband: bruh
by 27_Hippos December 27, 2022

by Envy07_ December 27, 2022
"Bruh..." is a word that comes out of your mouth when you see something so stupid yet funny enough to be a joke.
(Or, more colloquially, a "Bruh Moment.")

There's a chance that you actually know this word from a meme, but this word sometimes just comes out in certain moments, from a story that is exciting or shocking, to embarrassing and silly stuff.

Basically, this word goes with everything. It means that it's a go-to response to anything and is used in almost all situations and every emotion that mankind has, knowingly or unknowingly.

Officially, 'Bruh' is a slang word that is used to call someone "brother."

However, the meaning of 'Bruh' for over years... It's different...
"Bruh... That's so stupid. "

"Bruh. Really?? "

"Bruh, what are you doing?!"

"Bruhhh, that girl is so fine~"
"Oh wait, that's not a girl, that's a fucking femboy, BRUH WHAT?" (You decide whether to be disgusted or intrigued.)*

"Bruh, just stfu please."
by Monke Javier September 04, 2022
by _bruh_x September 02, 2022
The word bruh is the BEST answer to literally everything.
Joe mama: my mom just got corona virus


Joe mama:Hey i just won 100000000000000000000000B dollars.

Me: BrUhhHhhHhHhHhHhHHhHh
by JOE MAMA BRO August 25, 2022
Definition 1 : the best response to anything
Definition 2 : a quote from technoblade 07
Person 1 “My dad brutally died in a car accident
Person 2 “Bruh”

Technoblade “bruh”
by Justaguywhosgay August 06, 2022
Term used by popular minecraft YouTuber Technoblade as a way of expressing the shock, disappointment and 'emotional damage'.
by Phoenixx.ahs July 19, 2022
A bruh is a bro that done fucked up.
by Danack July 13, 2022