The cuddliest and best of God’s creatures. They love us, demand of us, and they even protect our children, whom they consider part of their pack. They helped the human race evolve from hunter/gatherers to static builders of civilization by protecting our grain stock from mice, so humanity didn’t have to continuously be on the move. They were critically important to the progress of humanity and were even worshiped in ancient Egypt as gods. The mass murder of cats in the Middle Ages as a result of the pope declaring them all to be evil allowed the rat population to explode bringing with them the bubonic plague, which spread uncontrollably. Two-thirds of the population of Europe and North Africa died in the most catastrophic event in human history. Eventually people started to notice that towns which protected cats didn’t suffer from mass death and disease and cats became cool again. Now, hundreds of years later, humanity has gone back to worshiping cats, having learned it’s lesson which is: don’t fvck with god’s chosen creatures 🐱 🐈 ⬛
For the first time in world history, cats are now in more homes than dogs.
by JamieRhymie August 27, 2022
A musical that should have been eradicated by the pits of hell long ago.
That damn Cats musical should die.
Cats are cute animals that haves cute meow
'' I love cats''
by ilovecat69 July 13, 2022
Cats are feline friend that will keep you awake at night bcuz they hungry
"I need to feed my cat"

"I love cats"
by ilovecat69 July 13, 2022
Cute, fluffy, little demons that will cuddle you and then claw your eyes out.
Person 1: Are those your cats?
Person 2: Yes, stay away.
by ExempliCATS May 09, 2022
cats are assholes
by kaprepop April 29, 2022
the animal that is a victim to being called a bitch
the cats are bitchs
by nonbinarypanexual April 18, 2022
Cats are the best ☺️
by Rara 21 March 30, 2022