Minecraft mob that keeps exploding when you get closer to it
Hey dude there’s a creeper what should I do?! Kill it that’s mostly something that could work
by Your normal self as who May 16, 2022
A totally real dinosaur that dates back to 1000000000000000000000000000000000000 years!
Man: hey do u know when the creeper was alive?
Me: 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000 years ago
by Mansnothot69420! April 24, 2022
Karl Pawn Hancock tells older women at bikini bars there time was over and should never put on a bikini again. This is an ultimate creeper move, because a creeper watches others.
Karl Pawn Hancock is a creeper at the bikini bar.
by Momma Mac April 24, 2022
Whenever someone says creeper you have to say “aw man” back.
Random person : “CREEPER!”
You: “aww man”
by Unhelpful_Yes April 15, 2022
Minecraft: a green camouflage-skinned enemy which acts as a suicide bomber, being one of the main causes of death to many new players of this game. Likely the most hated common mob in the game.

Terraria: enemy exclusive to the Brain of Cthulhu boss. Fast moving eyes which beeline towards the player(s). Have relatively low health, yet charge at high numbers with medium damage that can easily kill a player if not careful.
Fun fact: the MINECRAFT CREEPER makes no noise when walking unlike most common mobs, making it very dangerous at night. It also does not burn up during the day like undead mobs.

Fun fact: the TERRARIA CREEPERS are actually the Brain of Cthulhu's first phase and must be killed first in order to damage the boss.
by HumanusAustralis March 31, 2022
A frivolously inane and thoughtless descriptor that was meant to caricaturize guys that are regarded as socially unattractive, distasteful or uninterpretable behavior; typically by outspoken girls and women who rank higher on the social hierarchy.

A traditional example of this would be popular high-school girls who torment lesser-fortunate boys of whom they deem are "fat and ugly", "annoyingly dweebish and nerdy" or simply disagreeably annoying.

Yet another classic, all-too-well-known example are self-infatuating, egocentric young women who regularly use their (alleged) physical beauty as some be-all-end-all justification for their impolite, disrespectful interactions with older males (of whose presence they may find unattractive or distasteful).

In both instances mentioned above, the male social victim often do not have any actual sexual intentions in their social dealings with their bullies, as said-bullies would commonly like to believe. If anything, many to most of these guys are regular, functioning people with goals, thoughts and aspirations as anyone else; who don't know why they are undeservedly treated rudely by others.
Cressendrum (subservient girl): "Hey, Shanana! How did you do on your pre-calc exam?"
Shanana (popular girl): "Heh. Aced it."
Cressendrum: "lol You liar! You sat next to Roveric. You eyed his paper several of times when Professor wasn't looking."
Shanana: "hehe Yea, that annoying creeper. Honestly, that's all he's good for: helping me pass the class. When we have group discussions, it makes me uncomfortable like f*ck that I have to talk with him about class stuff. I have to face him every time and look at those ugly freckles and stupid pair of eyes. Every time he says a word to me, he's probably thinking about what he could do with me.

Cressendrum: "Well... you're quite the charmer..."
Shanana: "I let him do most the talking and just give him the eye. It's the nicest thing I could bring myself to do, since I have to hold myself back on screaming and punching his nerdy face."
Cressendrum: "Right. Well, here's a bit about this 'creeper'. He's not into you. He's mostly not into anyone. I dated him, so I'd know. And, he's considered for early admittance into an Ivy League. What schools have you started applying to?"
by Ace_Chen March 24, 2022

- A Minecraft Mob

- Misspelled "Creepier"
That Creeper Blew Up My House.
by I am Creeper March 02, 2022
A minecraft mob introduced in the early versions of minecraft that explodes when you are close enough.
creeper, aw man.
by Cyan_on_the_dictionary February 25, 2022