What you allow to happen will. Your opponent won't pass up an oppurtunity, so usually it's defense faaling asleep instead up waking up and fighting to the end that makes the difference in what will happen. When you let an opponent control your fate, they always will, every time.
Defense waking up can keep even an unlikely thing possible, even if offense has been struggling.
by Solid Mantis April 28, 2021
If you know your offense is struggling, and you feel like mice, there's the story about the two mice in the cream. The first one drowned, but the second one kept struggling until itchurned the creme into butter and crawled out until it could walk again. Really though, when you decide what you will allow to happen (on defense), and whether you will let somebody else determine the pace or the fate of what happens, is what makes the difference between whether it is hard enough to seem impossible not to lose, or whether it is actually impossible to lose. If you're going to fight, fight as you and not to be like somebody else, that way they don't determine your fate.
Defense is what makes the difference between whether it's hard enough to seem impossible to win with 93 points, and ehether it is impossible. If you give up before the end, it really will be impossible.
by Solid Mantis April 16, 2021
Something the New York Knicks can’t do
Wow the Knicks really suck at defense!
by Johnny hi January 27, 2018
i shoot that defense nigga !
by unshculdige02 May 08, 2009