Someone who rolls up a bunch of crap to make it look nice.
Look at our TPM’s magic: Once again, like a dung beetle, he was able to present our crappy code as best invention since sliced bread.
by Suboobern July 26, 2022
There are lots of dung beetles here
by Brownskikuca March 28, 2020
A wonderful insect which helps the world by rolling poop into delicate intricate balls. It is often farmed for clearing dung. Most people would die to adopt it. It's sooo cute!
Here, meet my pet which is a dung beetle.
She loves rolling your poop into ballssss.
by DungoBeetle October 19, 2019 organism that can get more followers on facebook than Glenn Beck...
...I saw on live news feed that two of my facebook friends had joined a facebook group supporting the proposition that the Dung Beetle can get more followers on facebook than Glenn Beck...
by Little Hink February 13, 2010
when a male or female craps on another male or females chest and then rolls it around making a ball like a dung beetle
dude i showed christy the dung beetle lastnight
by steve wehadababyitsaboy April 18, 2009
After unprotected anal intercourse, when the head of the penis, more specifically the rim of the penis, is plastered with fecal matter.
"Man, that's the last time I'll be with that skeezer. She didn't wipe and gave me the worst Dung Beetle ever!!!!"
by Gary Stone November 07, 2006
While doing a chick doggie style, you slip both of your thumbs (with thumb nails touching) into her butthole. With both thumbs inserted in the anus, you click your thumb nails together thus, making a beetle sound.
I was banging Sandy from behind and she actually requested I give her a Dung Beetle.
by kyle the one January 03, 2006