short for "satisfied". Used to express extreme satisfaction, usually used in reaction to an aesthetically pleasing picture or video.
Hey, did you get that paint peeling video I sent you?
Yeah, so fied rn
by yellowcarlucky March 25, 2017
(Pronounced/ Fead) ;

When a Girl Inserts a Nigga's Finger/s inside their mouth, basically it is head of the finger.

Created By: GDashZus, Bryy, and Tazzy.
Oh my God last night this girl sucked my finger and i didnt know what to call it, so... We decided the word Fied.
by GDashZus October 16, 2010
outragiously jiggaly meat on a persons body. it could be on there arms, legs, thighs, or booty.
she got too much fied for me 2 handle!
by D~RO August 14, 2008
2 living beings that r "mega" cool and everyone adores
fied look so good together, look what they are wearing soo cool, when im older i hope to look just like fi and ed !
by fi and eddy April 04, 2006
fied a person whos status is lower than ghetto.
he what are you doing are you fied out!
by jay February 06, 2004