when a hood nigga is trying to tell you, you’re fine but he can’t spell so he writes this.

used when someone is very good looking
hood nigga: “you’re so find”
girl: “what?”
hood nigga: “you sexy”
girl: “oh, you meant i’m fine. lmao
by Beau’s Barb September 16, 2021
Word used mainly in fashion replica subreddits, find means a new replica product, or store.
Yo can you send me the new finds list made by Cedaz.
by TutiFrutti May 22, 2021
Used to call some one fine
by Rattie March 16, 2021
When you see something that you were searching for.
Guy1 - dude, i lost my Keys, i can't find it
Guy2 - found it
It mean you have found something that u have lost.
I have to find my missing paper for my book project.
by my dictionary March 14, 2016
Something Hufflepuffs do expertly.
Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders!


Harry, I think I FOUND something!
by A Hufflepuff September 06, 2010
verb To see something clearly. Not to loose but to uncover or see something after a search.
Girl 1: He thread your guitar, helped you tune it and never asked for sex. Never grabbed your ass or said baby let me hit that. Never got in your face and was always down to just chill. Why didn't you tell him you were in love with him.
Girl 2: Many reasons. I was in a relationship. I find myself beside my self with everything I know in life after meeting him. He seemed out for many chicks and not just one.

Girl 1: I saw him graze your fingers every time he handed you something. WTF was that.
Girl 2: IDK flirtation prob. The ways of men.
Girl 1: Arn't you going to act on it?
Girl 2: No I would rather he said something about it first. It's better to know I'm not just finding wrong conclusions over it girl. Too much drama involved in relationships. But I'm all twanglled up about it right now. Our lives are so different. Besides He's gone now. We never even speak now that we don't live by one another.
by AgaisedAlloddsOfthedraw December 12, 2009
to find only, not create but to locate without creating
i need u to find the "Cheese cake factory that may or may not serve desert
by Alec J B April 10, 2007