A set of made up stories compiled together to help brainwash majority of people. The _official_ method of producing such set is _speculation_. (source: Wikipedia). People who are capable to analyze material facts using cause-and-effect reasoning are kept away from compiling and presenting such sets. They are either lured into "exact" sciences such as physics, math, etc or made outcasts by the school system.
Nevertheless, history as a discipline seems like important for keeping the society to look civilized. At least on the surface. At least, in theory.
- According to history, Lincoln is credited with 1865 emancipation as the event exclusive to the USA and Lincoln's genius. Do you know when Russia emancipated its slaves?
- 1861, but it's not related.


- In 2022, in South Carolina they still teach their own history where Linkoln is an antagonist

Ex3: - It's well-known that history repeats itself.
- Well, that just means we can create alternative reality by telling people how we think they should have acted in the past.

(by the way Juneteenth, the official holiday, is celebrated each year because slaves technically were emancipated in 1863)
by Nikita1998 June 29, 2022
about old people and shit they had tantrums about
I love the idea of history being about the things that will 100% help me in life <3
by wifehaverthefirst June 11, 2022
History is the interpretation of all events from the past that lead up to the theoretical foundations and social consequences of the present day.
Oh my, what an amazing subject History is.
My mom loves History.
by Salsinats February 01, 2022
A subject that is supposed to help people learn from mistakes made in the past but only teaches you how petty and whimsical people really were back then.
I learnt a chapter in history today and was shocked to read that Caesar had been backstabbed by his friend. Literally.
by AquarianAce November 29, 2021
basically it is what you are for your ex gf/bf
You are History.
by I can't November 24, 2021
Something that's very interesting to read about as a Wiki or Buzzfeed article, but incredibly boring to learn/study as a school course.
Ironically, Tim procrastinated for his greek history exam by reading Wiki articles on the Italian Renaissance.
by UwUltimateDoge November 14, 2021
history means its happened in the past not the future or the present
bob says 'I hate you but that's history now so id care ' jhon then says it is history
by trashcan123 June 21, 2021
History is the past era of a event that occurred such as:
1) The history behind my family
2) The history of the world
3) Don't look at my search history
by lolidkboiiii June 19, 2021