Serena is a tiktoker who uses the @ @kiyomikat.
They have 4k followers and they post content about genshin impact and cosplays
"my favorite tiktoker osea kiyomikat!"
by Confused Gat0 December 31, 2022
Someone who is material gworll and super idol and loves cats
Me: i have a friend names kiyomikat
by And_one_more_thing December 31, 2022
Kiyomikat is so fine ong

There my favorite mutual and im there favorite mutual ong
Bob:who’s kiyomikat?

Me:The finest best mutual ever
by Lesbian for ur mom January 06, 2022
the hottest person in the world. ong tho.
kiyomikat is lowkey actually really highkey my fav moot 😍
by ur_mom.c0m420 January 01, 2022