Note firmly tightened or right in place; to free or release; to not fit tightly
"That knot is loose"
"I let the dog loose"
"She likes loose coats"
by _.moth._ July 18, 2022
A term used to describe a woman who's vagina has been ran through.
"Jenna's pussy is so loose, I could swim through it."
"Jenna's vagina is so loose, it feels like a bucket."
by JENNAisLOOSE March 10, 2022
Also know as “feeling loose”. The word for being absolutely blasted. Being stoned to the point of point of no return.
“You feeling loose after that monstrous bong rip brother?” asks Gabe.
by Steve Winston October 02, 2021
A loser who can't spell lose
Friend: I hope you loose
Friend 2: It's lose you swine
by Carmichael bitchy September 21, 2021
When somebody is saying things they shouldn’t be saying
Like that man was talking loose to the old bill (police)
by Majesticalmike November 02, 2020
Woah Hellberg! You are so loose! Is it just you last Thursday or are you always like this?
by Prattypanttz October 03, 2020
Tina took some bbc, now she's loose.
by Whowhatwhere? March 02, 2020
Drunk or High
Bruh last night I was loose off that Henny
by LilDaddyTee November 19, 2019