The ultimate promise. By swear on your mother, you are speaking the absolute truth, if not your mother dies
"you swear on your mum? MUMS?"
"Ye, Mums"
by WESLEYPERTH August 12, 2022
Mums is a way to say "On my momma"
James: "Say mums you pulled Jane"
Jack: "Mums@
by NacksDon123 July 17, 2022
"Mums" is a term used for proving a point to a friend or individual.
1. "Mum's" I did the dishes.
2. "Mum's" I didn't tell the teacher.
3. "Mum's" I swear I didn't do it.
by Mark-My-Words May 03, 2022
Like sayin i swear
-used by chavs/roadmen
“Your gf cheating”
“Acc? Say mums
by November 23, 2020
from what i know this is a australian word, mums is another way of saying you're swearing on your mums life
person 1; did you touch my things?
person 2; mums i didnt
by yeeeeeeeeeeeet yah May 13, 2020
Another way of swearing on your mums life
Person A: 'Hey, did you get with my girl last night?'
Person B: 'Nah you're my mate, that'd be peak'
Person A: 'Say mums'
Person B: 'Mums'
Person A: 'Alright, safe g'
by Mtannn March 15, 2019
When you need to swear down on something you say ‘mums’. Commonly used in London slang.
John: did you pull last night?
Jim: yeh man I did

John: Nah, I don’t believe you

Jim: Mums! I swear I did!
by Rg113 October 11, 2018
An abbreviation and brtisish for swear on my mums life, and is used in the very same way
Greg: Did ya snitch on us you plonker
Tyrone: Nah, mums I didnt, I swear
by Plankingplonker69 May 28, 2018