Nina is a very bad serial killer who primarily targets minorities she is from Iceland and is a disgrace to the country she is banned from most restoraunts because of her cannibalistic orders she has now tried ordering human testicles with feces on the side at 56 restoraunts.
Hey look there's a nina we should run👍
by Adolf Hitler321 July 02, 2022

1. extremely gorgeous

2. good in bed ;)

3. a very good girlfriend

4. she’s a very friendly person who will be there for you no matter what.
“goddd bro is that nina?? she looks so beautiful”
by cutiepie662 June 24, 2022
Nina is probably a girl who will stay a friend for your life. She's really nice, but.. boy crazy :) But honestly, just be grateful to have her. She's also really pretty! If she ever trusts you with anything, keep it safe. She deserves everything.
Person: "hey Nina! Can we chat?"
Nina: "Yeah, Sure! Thanks for talking to me :D"
by MacJo June 07, 2022
Nina is a beautiful young girl with flawless black hair and brown eyes she also wears glasses and is in love with a young Vietnamese boy named Rydan 🫶🏻
Nina loves rydan just like pucca and garu
by Behahwhauquuqhwyw June 03, 2022
nina or lil nina, refers to a handgun or lady
that's my lil nina right there
by C.Roy June 02, 2022
A Nina is athletic and strong looking girl but inside she loves things that you wouldn't expect! Ninas likes everyone and is very smart! She can make friends with anyone! But.....she is a tattletale!
What? How did you find out? Was it Nina?
by FriendOfYours:) May 24, 2022
Nina, that goofy girl
by 69inPPman May 18, 2022
Is a beautiful but annoying girl who is constantly screaming at her computer screen. Nina is normally spotted in the dark with just the light from her phone illuminating her face. This entity may be seen scrolling through tiktok till its hands bleed with its bangs shielding its eyes, standing at 4ft. This entity will scream and blow out your ear drums giving it enough time to steal your squirrel.
by TURA May 09, 2022