when someone says something backhanded and they said it with confidence
Lisa: So, What's going on in your family?

Mia: Well.. i just found out i was adopted last night.
Lisa: Oh.
Mia: Yep.
by yourmomishot777 December 26, 2022
They’re extremely hurt and heartbroken. It’s gonna take a while for you to forgive them.
“I don’t love you anymore
by August 18, 2022


by jevs wife June 28, 2022


Receives a snap

Replies ‘oh’ because they are attractive
by Noahsayshi May 29, 2022


Meaning one handed in the rubiks cube community
E.G. 3x3 OH = 3x3 cube solved one handed
Max Park has the 3x3 OH WR
by cuber69420 May 22, 2022


Not good enough?
Hym "Oh? Ok. I'll do it again... *Deep breath*..."

Iam "Hold on a second! Just wait. I'm not sure what to say here but I know he shouldn't be the one to say it. Look, You all spend all day every day projecting your thoughts on to the internet. I internalized those thoughts and projected them back in response to an inside joke that a retard made about 'what I think (not know)'. And the word he was looking for was 'suspects'. I 'suspect' that what was happening there was happening. Nobody cares? That is a brilliant observation! I noticed that too! I guess it's true what they say about 'great minds thinking alike' I can almost smell the smoke fuming from your nostrils as you tried to come up with that response.
by Hym Iam April 30, 2022
When you are so flabbergasted reading something online to the point of near speechlessness
Jimmy: I have a thing for feet
Normal people: …oh!
by M…? April 29, 2022


It actually means my heart just got ripped into a million pieces but I won’t tell you because you wouldn’t care how I feel anyways.
Boy: I’m sorry, i don’t like you like that.

Girl: oh.
by payton14 February 10, 2022