It simply means Eastern or Asian. It's the opposite of occidental, a geographical term denoting the West, but libtards and other hypersensitive children get offended regardless of how and when you use the term. Be offended. Get over yourself. And if you have an inferiority complex, visit a shrink.
I bought some food from the Oriental aisle at the grocery store. Too bad these idiots lump everyone from Asia together. Oh well, I'm sure glad I have Western values and don't take myself too seriously. Oh, wait a minute, I hate Western values because Western values means white values. But wait a minute, isn't that also lumping everyone from the West together too. O well, never mind the cognitive dissonance coming from my pea brain. Time to complain on social media and earn some victim points.
by Walt_Kowalski July 30, 2022
o•ri•en•tal ôr″ē-ĕn′tl►
adj. Of or relating to the countries of the Orient or their peoples or cultures; eastern.
adj. Of or designating the biogeographic region that includes South Asia south of the Himalaya Mountains and Southeast Asia from southern China to Borneo.
adj. Of or relating to the Oriental Orthodox Church.

can also mean strange or previously unknown one proposed origin of the word. Antonym of Occident, the Western World.The preferered nomanclatur of older chinese men. Oriental.
That oriental family was nice fuck PC cucks that don't know what the word means.

I love the movie about the train that runs through part of the orient region and there were 12 murderers.
by Captain ACAb October 27, 2020
A completely racist term aimed at Asian-Americans it “yellow people”.
People often get confused in their own stupidity and think that because they don’t find it racist, that it isn’t.
RED PILL-HEAD: I couldn’t understand anything that oriental was saying. Ching Chong Ching Ching Chong Chong

LITERALLY EVERYONE ELSE: That was racist and you should feel ashamed of yourself.

RP-H: well, the term oriental isn’t racist. Learn the language you speak, PC Fag.

LITERALLY EVERYONE: Shut up before I remove a star-sticker from your name.
by Jesusxexx January 28, 2020
Used to describe any sexual activity that heavily involves plants.
We had an oriental threesome with a coniferous tree.
by Oriental Fetish September 11, 2019
1) A type of rug
2) A term that your grandparents still use for people of asian descent despite you constantly telling them it is not politically correct
Grandparent: There are a lot of orientals here

Grandkid: Actually that term is -

Grandparent: Oh look there's one not eating a dog what a strange sight
by stupidcommiebitch June 05, 2017
a word that simply means "eastern". It refers to anything or anyone from the "East". "Oriental" was first applied mainly to Mesopotamia, Persia and maybe India because those lands were east of the Roman Empire. Later on ancient China was found to be more than a myth and so the previous "Orient" became known as the "Near" or "Middle" East and East Asia was now tagged as the "Orient" or the "Far East". Because of the geography the term "Oriental" came to be applied to the cultural aspects, the peoples and other things from the "Far East". Of course, "Western" is used to refer to anything or anyone from Europe, North America and such.
1. "Oriental" is a term generally applied to the "race"/ethnicities that inhabit the region from Myanmar (formerly Burma) all the way to Korea and Japan. It's a term referring to geography ("East") and is not an offensive or slur word. Some politically correct people in America think it is but I've known some Koreans, Japanese, Vietnamese and others from the Orient in college and they do not find the word to be offensive at all.

2. There are groceries and restaurants that specialize in East Asian food. Many of them use the word "Oriental" on their signs, so apparently they don't see that word as a racial slam, do they?

3. Rugs made in Iran or India are still called "Oriental rugs". They are nice, huge, heavy and expensive.

4. There's been an Oriental presence and influence in America for a long time. There are Chinatowns, Japanese-American communities, Vietnamese neighborhoods and Korean neighborhoods on the West Coast states (especially California) and they have been in America for over 160 years. Like all ethnic groups here they have played an important role in making the U.S.A. the great nation that it is today.

5. Also in the Pacific West coast states the Native American peoples have oral traditions detailing of contact with Oriental people long ago. The travellers were probably Chinese, Japanese and others. Relations with those visitors were pretty good.

6. Oriental nations have given the world many contribution in the fields of sciences, arts, military strategy, medicine and more.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice June 13, 2009
Can describe EITHER people or things as being from Asia. Many Americans will heatedly argue that only objects are oriental, and to call a person an oriental is now considered racist. They tell you to call them Asian or, if applicable, Asian American. But what most Americans don't know is that in the UK a person from East Asia is considered oriental, and South Asians are the ones designated as Asian. It's a relative term.
UK Person: Look at those Oriental people over there.
US Person: You shouldn't call them Oriental. You should call them Asian.
UK Person: But they're Japanese. They aren't Indian. They're Oriental.
US Person: Rugs are Oriental. People are not.
UK Person: YOU are a rug. Learn more about the English language outside of your stupid country.
by kijsjaan08 October 12, 2008
another politically incorrect word that is used by ignorant people to clump all asians in one group, much like how the word "hispanic" is used to clump all spanish/portuguese speakers in one group. to many it is a derogatory word, seeing that 1) there is no actual country, commonwealth, territory or state known as the "orient" and 2) that asians come from different ethnic backgrounds, religions, and speak different languages. ironically, many asians think that the term oriental is parrallel to word "nigger" and some see the word as old fashion. the terms "westerner" and "middle eastern" follow the same pattern as "oriental" but are less controversial.
if it were up to me, i would eliminate the terms oriental, hispanic, middle eastern, african american and etc., seeing that no matter what common region we hail from, we all have different ethnic backgrounds, religions and speak different languages.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e August 03, 2006