Jongho is the maknae of an members of an korean boygroup consisting of 8 members
He may look like a little fluffy Ball
But he can break apples and watermelons with his bare hands (that's why his hyungs don't make him angry 😂)
Atiny : omg Jongho is so cute , I wanna squeeze his cheeks
Ateez : why did you just said ?
He can break apple and watermelons with his bare hands

Atiny : damn , ..... still he's cute

Ateez : 😳
by Secret_atiny.D December 31, 2022
the year in which some of you lonely mfs start getting more bitches than vaccines

not me tho im marrying this mf yall stay safe🙏
oh its 2022 now?

*summons bitches
by Freddy Fazbussy December 31, 2022
Put hot sauce on vagina then blow like a harmonica
I have some extra hot sauce..

Can we do the spicy harmonica
by Astralonion December 31, 2022
Pet villa is a person that is very loud. But is very kind hearted! If you mess with her or her friends you will get beat up and she is one of the strongest friends. She is very nice but when you get to her she is defined. She is beautiful and hasn’t had a lot of bfs but she is beautiful and is most likely to get one. but don’t be fooled she can get feisty in party’s or gets feisty when they’re is a boy. She probably used to like someone named Kenyon or seyvon.
We defined petvilla as a heart kinder person but is very feisty!
by tygn December 31, 2022
olive: QWERTY
fill: Ya, QWERTY
by bro-yo-so-mo December 31, 2022
Acronym for "Politics Stuck Up the But Syndrome"

1. Term used for people who turn all subject matter into politics while having a conversation.

2. Syndrome causing someone to post and/or comment nothing other than politics while on social media, even when politics is completely irrelevant.
All Dave ever talks about is politics, because he suffers from PSUBS.
by BAM2018 December 31, 2022
Adj: politically speaking, a person who is left of AOC, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders, maybe even further left than the last libertarian
Have you ever seen a liberally degenerate individual before? (Whether a blm'er or not).
by Sexydimma December 31, 2022
Someone who makes little mistakes of makes reasonable errors on a daily basis.
Oh man Parker you’re such a silly deuce!
Kirk you aren’t a silly deuce you are the opposite!
by Not Srkirkalot December 31, 2022