This was said by Brian Griffin in a few episodes of Family Guy.
Car: *crashes*
Brian Griffin from Family guy: Whew, Crash-ahoy
by Dr. Clunk December 31, 2022
The act of flexing and relaxing your index finger with the use of a bottle opener.
I was playing around with a bottle opener at the table on boxing Day when my auntie leant over and told me to 'pump the worm'.
by Pwankerson December 31, 2022
The low frequency flap of a but check caused by an overweight person cutting a liquid fart.
Grandma bent sideways and accidentally cut a kwaddle.
by Spoke December 31, 2022
finishedallmytears4aot is the foundation of pain. Their account was made to mingle with the emotions of happiness and sadness mainly for the attack on titan ship levihan.
Oh my god did you see that tiktok finishedallmytears4aot posted yesterday?! I cried.
by derr December 31, 2022
Serena is a tiktoker who uses the @ @kiyomikat.
They have 4k followers and they post content about genshin impact and cosplays
"my favorite tiktoker osea kiyomikat!"
by Confused Gat0 December 31, 2022
That person is a Conni!
by Sherli Damelio December 31, 2022
Mafia Material/highest rank mob/ high strung female/money/one look in eyes will trance you/guys love her/females resint her..
Badass beauty
fuk muh bih i want bryia rozay
by OG'S December 31, 2022
Kept within limit until struggling.
Up ☝ through when I was 9, I was contained wearing my Boxer Briefs Underwear!
by Fendzs December 31, 2022