by Sherli Damelio December 31, 2022
Goldienotfound a Instagram and tiktok user you should follow rn 🤪
Oml have you seen how amazing goldienotfound is
Ik right like slayyyy queen
by Goldienotfound December 31, 2022
person 1:have you tried the new product called Ztunzeed you rub it on your forehead for instant head ache relief
Person 2: no I haven't what's that

Person 1:oh you love rubbing ztunzeed all over your forehead
by elmuchodingalingdong December 31, 2022
When your dick flops out of the front of your boxers.
He came out swinging when he was extracted from his cell.
by Mr. Titus December 31, 2022
A liberally degenerate rich, white l.e.m individual, otherwise known as a white adherent of BLM.
I don't know or care if black/Caribbean people actually believe in BLM but you'd only be considered a blm'er in my book if you're white.
by Sexydimma December 31, 2022
Hacked Account is a term used for a person in a server named Wakano who is goated
Hacked Account is goated no cap
by Hacked Account December 31, 2022
sucking on not one but bofa deeznutz
Person 1:hey bro would you like to try sugonbofa
person 2:no mane what do that be
Person 2:sugonbofa deeznutz
by elmuchodingalingdong December 31, 2022