the act of dicking around without purpose, usually by a small child.
Mom: “What is Dez doing with that toy?”
Dad: “He’s just practicing ass...he don’t do nothing with sense.”
by MrE150 December 31, 2022
Ethan Vu is a caring and smart friend who will always help you with homework and classwork in school. Ethan Vu's best enemy is Jerrick aka the beast that moans in front of everyone saying "I am attractive." So be Ethan Vu's friend and p.l.s help the moaning beast to stop moaning. Aka Jerrick.
Ethan Vu- p.l.s stop moaning Jerrick.
Jerrick-"Ethan Vuuuuuu, I am more attractive"

Ethan Vu-shut up bitch
by dskjndU December 31, 2022
a beautiful girl who is very hot and a lesbian. they use she/they pronouns, but are questioning. they always win at everything and are very athletic. she is kind of insecure, and hates her smile, but everybody knows that its so attractive and she is very attractive. she is a stupendous being and nobody can live without them. they are so hot
lesbian #1: damn is that lolly? she fine asf
lesbian #2: yeah, she is the hottest lesbian i’ve ever met
lesbian #1: she better be single bc she about to be my gf
by rilakkuma <3 December 31, 2022
Held within.
When I was 1 and 2, I was trapped wearing my Boxer Briefs Underwear!
by Fendzs December 31, 2022
Wakano is Goated
by Hacked Account December 31, 2022
Hooking up with someone else a day before prom
This girl just pulled a nini on me.”
by Black Garlic December 31, 2022
A Willow is one of the most stubborn people you will ever meet. She usually has a bright heart willing to open it to anyone but at first, she will be an asshole to see if you will stick around. Willow has the biggest heart but a problem sharing her problems and letting people help her. Willow is the most loving and caring friend you will ever have but if you stab her back you have just created a new enemy. Willow is not scared to show her hatred towards you if you have fucked up or made her angry. If you stay in a Willow's life then you will have a ride or die. If you want a Willow as a girlfriend she will be slightly clingy but she also needs her space, let her be free to her own choices and never restrict her of options or shut her down because she will leave your ass. A Willow girlfriend is loyal until you prove to her you aren't worthy and then she will find someone else who can handle her much better than you can. Overall Willows are wonderful and you must expect to fight fire with fire if you provoke her.
"Hey bro, did you see how amazing Willow is?"
"Yeah bro, she is kinda scary though."
by tulipscatlol December 31, 2022
by Hacked Account December 31, 2022