A person who is Demi-romantic person with Pan-romantic tendencies
“Cool pin, are you Pansexual?”

“No, I’m Asexual Pandemic.”
by 10 Pigeons June 13, 2022
The pandemic is nowhere near unbearable, so if it lasts longer because of people not getting vaccinated, it lasts longer. It's already lasted over a year, nobody that hasn't gotten a vaccine is in a hurry.
There is nothing unbearable about the pandemic. It is a pestilence perpetuated by pests, that's about it.
by The Original Agahnim August 05, 2021
The government officials telling everyone we need to get serious about the pandemic really mean they need to get serious about it. Not taking the coronavirus seriously has nothing to do with being a serious person or not being a serious person.
Don't let anybody tell you that you're not serious because you don't take the pandemic or the rules/mandates/laws seriously, even if they're a government official.
by The Original Agahnim August 03, 2021
A thing used to keep us inside so we don't get corona time
bro the pandemic sucks
*FBI busts in*
by Do_I really_ need_a_name April 30, 2021
a "pandemic" is someone who falls under the ace spectrum towards the grey-ace side but they need a strong friendship before romantic feelings, but their romantic feelings can be for any gender and/or simply because of personality!

This is actually a pun for people who are Panromantic Demisexual!
A: Jess is identifying as a pandemic now!


a: No, they're panromantic demisexual!
by k0at October 19, 2020
An opportunity to magically get paid for staying at home and watching tv. In order to participate, one must be a teacher, and make it known that they may possibly, in the foreseeable future, have contact with someone who is over the age of 70, as they would then place that person at a higher risk of death (increasing the risk to the equivalent risk of being struck by lightening while scratching off a million dollar winning lottery ticket).
Sorry Kim, I can’t hang out on Tuesday, quarantining during the work week due to the pandemic, however, if you want to go clubbing on Saturday night, I’m free.
by Colette July 29, 2020
Its a combination of a demisexual and pansexual person. These people do not have limits in sexual choice with regard to biological sex,race , gender, or gender identity but they require an emotional connection with the person in order to enjoy any sexual activities
Im a pandemic, so i need an emotional conncetion with you in order to enjoy making love
by ElLoko July 21, 2020
Another way of saying 2020
Hey dude, this pandemic sucks!
by literallynobody July 03, 2020