Person 1“Yo this dude speaking facts

Person 2“Real”

Person 1“Real”
by Weeb.exe1 August 23, 2022
saying real is like ong or true asf or onm buh better n u can say it any situation too so its goated
by Smart fridge August 22, 2022
Devil emoji
by Tht1rapperwitglasses August 14, 2022
the word someone uses when they are crying for help 🤭
*depressing slideshow* “real”
by Leila / imafatdyke 😍 August 09, 2022
an expression, similar to "no way", often used in the context of referential or post-modern internet humor. it can also be tacked on after a proper noun when pointing out resemblance to a person or character.
Joe: posts photo of a cardinal holy shit dude angry bird
Steve: real

Bob: posts image of a jumbo-sized tennis ball
Dave: Holy shit bfb tennis ball real
by TSwany August 09, 2022
A cry for help.
*referring to the most agonizingly described point in a persons life* “Real.”
by gvlavtn July 30, 2022
Slang to show that you relate to another persons struggle with depression/sadness, usually a response to someone's sentence or internet post.
"How I painted the walls with my brain via 12 gauge 😂😂😂"

by DeezieKM July 30, 2022
A word used in conversations when people send a meme, and instead of saying "I agree." They will say, "Real."
Friend: "sends a meme"
You: "Real."
Friend: "Real."
by deathbloomz4 July 30, 2022