1. The act of stealing someone's items in their house or stealing items/cash from a shop
2. A beautiful song by the rapper Juice WRLD
Deshawn went to jail for armed robbery.

Robbery is such a beautiful and meaningful song by Juice WRLD!
by t00c00lforscho00l April 13, 2022
The term “robbery” is used to describe a 6’8 player, dunking over a 7’5 player without getting a score of 50...
by BughenDove February 16, 2020
Meaning: the act of diverting the interests of a desirable female away from a competing guido. Committing a robbery is considered a skill and may be done even to close friends.
Vinny was making out with this girl, but as soon as he went to the bathroom I moved in and completed the robbery. It was awesome!”"
by banned85 January 20, 2011
The act of hooking up with a girl whom your friend was trying to hook up with himself.
Doug: I thought that Ukranian girl last night was feeling me
Jared: Sorry bro, i ended up performing a robbery after you passed out
by dp mcdaniels May 10, 2010
"Robbery" is a term to describe the line of action and the power of the bavarian soccer club FC BAYERN MUNICH. expecially its attackers, the 30 mio € right winger Arjen Robben and the 40 mio € left winger Franck Ribery


this term was first used by german tabloids, today its a common term.
Werder Bremen Supporter: "We gonna win 5-0 today"!
Bayern Munich Supporter:"Dont think so. theres gonna be another robbery today"
by franky429 September 21, 2009
When the tender in hockey is commited of making filthy saves on a shooter
Justin has just commited robbery on 2e .... again
by freezzeee September 26, 2006
When a vic' gets their money, jewelery or any other item of value taken away from them by force from a thug. Robbery can also be armed, which is when the robber is equipped wit a doink or a gat, and in some cases stabs and slits the vic' or pops a bullet into the vic's temple.
I grabbed the clerk by the neck, put the gun in the mouth and said "Bitch, if you wanna be killed try some stupid shit".
by Leathaface July 25, 2003