Girl 1: Let’s fight.
Girl 2: Girl you know you don’t wanna fight me, you scary.
by Lonlizzle August 23, 2022
Are you tryin to be scary?
by The Original Agahnim August 13, 2021
Since guys like Roger from Training day (the ones that have a gun hidden in the newspaper they're reading) are rare instead of common, I'd watch the noisy one trying to be scary before I'd watch the quiet ones reading a book, newspaper, or magazine, since the noisy one is the one that will creep up from behind and shoot, split the back of your skull with a hammer, cut you in half with a machete, or run you over and keep going, all while claiming it was in self defense or on accident.
by The Original Agahnim August 13, 2021
Despite what low IQ people say, "Scary" does NOT mean scared. Scared means scared. Scary is the opposite of scared, hence them being two different words.

Scary: Something that evokes fear or is frightening

Scared: The state of being frightened of something or to be afraid

Calling someone "scary" means you think that person is frightening or that they make you scared, NOT that they are scared themselves. Hence scared and scary being two different words.

Stay in school, kids.
A: Did you see that movie the other day? It was scary as shit!
B: Yea bro I did, it had me scared as hell.
by educatingthebrownyouth May 29, 2021
Means you cause fear, or people are scared of you.
Scary does not mean you are scared yourself, ever, thats just not a thing.

If youre scared of something you are “scared”
If you are the one doing the scaring, you are “scary”
There that settles that
My 6’4 280lb ass is SCARY to these underweight, fragile types.
by Tryelyfe April 25, 2021
Valerie. Valerie is a friend who is scary as fuck. 😁
VALERIE : imma bite your ankle

yes, valerie is scary
by danny panny February 07, 2021
Frightening; causing fear.
Yo your mums pussy was fucking scary man, it was hairy as fuck..
by October 19, 2020
When you get scared about something easily
Someone: Yo why you scary bruh
by BiG bRuHdA ArIi May 17, 2020