My scary ass couldn't sleep after watching The Exorcist.
by hip counselor November 26, 2016
allwayz scared bout sumthin
or scared at tha moment
or paranoid
dang man y u so scary
man dat boi scary
by fhifnvjfbvhjfbvhfbgyhef September 06, 2008
To be scared of someone or someting
That nigga looks scary.

Dont be scary you bitch.
by Jay Day March 16, 2008
extremely; very, very
He's a scary good cook.
by Faiella November 12, 2007

If you're "scary" you're scared.

"Why you so scary for?" means Why you so scared for?
"Stop acting so scary." means Stop acting so scared.

When Phat Rat called G-Unit "scary ass niggas" he wasn't saying that G-Unit frightens him..
He was saying that THEY are scared of BWS and fear them.
(BWS meaning Black Wall Street)

"Scary ass niggas" - Phat Rat on G-Unit
by JGuzmannn February 08, 2007
Actin Scared. Being a pussy. Acting like a punk or baby.
by Reesy April 04, 2006
WARNING! By trying this out you may have the following side effects:

1. Heart attack
2. Tramatized
3. Burning eyes
by Gio>.< May 01, 2005
not doing something because are afraid. it defines ur actions.
why you being scary????
she's hella scary
by ashley p April 03, 2005