Sending for someone.

Sending for someone means you are looking to argue or saying disrespectful things to someone.
He was sending for me so I had to respond.

In that song he was sending for me hard I had no choice.

He said he was sending shots at her big time.
by London girl Zo July 07, 2021
Crushing bevs and having a great time with the boys
Another word for sending is Firing
by Bevmen February 20, 2021
an exclamation when something is funny or unbelievable
“that video is sending me
by stupid pee pee bitch July 03, 2020
A dance which a summoner in FFX performs to send a soul to the Farplane for eternal rest.
After the sending, everyone knew their loved ones would be happy and safe in the Farplane.
by nyte_katana November 30, 2004