When you use your fingers to lift a mans or a woman’s boob up then slap it back down.
When I seen my friend at the football game I slam dunked them.
by Kevin Booba Rice September 04, 2022
The act of having sex with a guy who is an athletic. He scores extra points since he is extra sexy and attractive. Since he is an athlete, the term slam dunk is a perfect point, because the sex is on point.
Aarod was a slam dunk, I knew it when he played ball and scored a perfect pointer. After the game ended he scored a slam dunk with his wife.
by Highfiver June 28, 2019
During sex, the man jumps and lands with his penis in the womans vagina.
"Hey man, i heard jacob Slam Dunked his girl last night!"
"Holy Shit, is she ok?"
by MahNiggaJohn June 18, 2019
When a man his at the point of climax pulling out and shooting it in the air only to catch it his hand and "slam dunk" it in to the women's face.
Women: "why did you pull out?" turns her head round. Man: "kobi" hand lands on her face. Slam dunk!!!!!
by Hardmaninc April 16, 2019
While rushing to the shiter, you blow chunks while simultaneously slamming your ass onto the toilet seat.
I was turtling hard and just barely made it to the bathroom to drop a slam dunk.
by Aidenater August 13, 2018
when you want to - or are going to have sex with a person or persons. Also can be used in past tense "slam dunked" when you have smashed said person or persons.
boy 1 - look at that thicc girl with dat noice booty
boy 2 - you should totally smash her
boy 1 - hell yeah ma boi I'm about to slam dunk her

boy 1 - look at that group of varsity college volleyball players
boy 2 - holy shit they hella fine
boy 1 - imma slam dunk the shit outta them

boy 1 - did what happened last night?
boy 2 - I slammed dunked her
boy 1 - proud of you
by gvsolt May 10, 2018
when the girl lays on the bed, legs spread, and you just go running at her and shove it in on force.
“ayyyyeeee nick

“what joe?”
“i just slam dunked on your hoes
by thiccc.dickkkk January 19, 2018
when she bounces your balls like a basketball, slams it with a hammer.
thus leading the balls to bounce of the human to the floor
"lemme play 2k, I need to do a slam dunk"
by HueHefner tha goat December 11, 2017