by qu1rkit9 June 01, 2022
the smart-ass response to "say something"
Person 1: Are you OK? Say something!
Person 2: ...something
Person 2: *dies*
by assassbaby February 28, 2022
Added at the end of a sentence instead of saying please.
by February 09, 2022
The form Mari takes upon dying in OMORI.
Generally takes the shape of a hanged person with one eye.
Person 1: Careful theres Something behind you
Person 2: Dont worry thats been there ever since Mari died
by A wild Printer November 27, 2021
some-thing. just some, thing
something made me cream.
by Fascist New Hampshirite November 17, 2021
The represention of pure trauma in omori
Basil: There's something behind you Sunny
by StellaThe September 19, 2021
The opposite of nothing
I hope my statement that something is the opposite of nothing is not too philosophical for you.
by Sexydimma June 04, 2021
Something 1: Something
Something 2: I know, right?
by BigStupidIdiot April 28, 2021