Sophia is a very beautiful, kindhearted, girl with more than enough reasons to love her.she is exactly the type of person you would want to have in your life .From the way she smiles to the way she laughs.
Sophia is to die for .a gem 💎 in human skin .Beauty itself .Every one needs a Sophia in their lives .She is best nothing comes close.
Wow I'm so happy

Y ?
Cause I have a Sophia now
by D.loti December 31, 2022
The most beautiful, full-bodied and kindest girl that I could ever meet. Sometimes I still can't believe that she chose me of all people. That I, an inconspicuous boy, have earned such a unique girl, I would never have dreamed of. She is like an angel. It starts with her very special hair, her natural brown golden hair that shines in the sun. Her eyes are a universe in themselves, in which I see my future every time. This green blue with the yellow golden thread in it captivates me every time anew. I can never get enough of her soft and gentle lips. Her body is as if I had formed it in my mind, just perfect. And that's just her looks... Her character, so wicked and loving at the same time. She always has an open ear and good advice, always stands by me and gives me the feeling of closeness and security. The time with her is every time something very special for me, but also always passes much too quickly. I love this girl over everything <3
by Clip xD December 26, 2022
a beautiful, crazy fag who loves everyone even when she's dating someone
Did you see that girl, she has to be a sophia.
by someotherwhitebitch August 31, 2022
Sophia is a friend that you should never let go of. She’s athletic and loves dogs, she’s pretty and is the best friend you could ever have
Is that Sophia? Yeah she’s my friend
by Anne dungeon August 20, 2022
Wants to choke on Dominic’s cock so bad right now she is sexister with a gorilla grip couchie
Hey Sophia
Sophia likes smelling Dominic’s feet and makes Dominic eat her asshole and lays Dominic’s dick on her forehead
I was walking down the hallway and I heard like a moaning noise I look down the hallway and Sophia’s got Dominic’s whole face in her ass I would have said something but it was so sexy I got tuned on
by Titty hickey August 10, 2022
From Sophia the first 💀✋🏽
by SavXx August 04, 2022
Thinking about sitting on Dominic’s face if its not already taking place
So Sophia what do you wanna do
by Titty hickey August 03, 2022