"I'm so speedy. I'm the definition of speed." - AL
by mhandlebar September 02, 2022
by Gasp it’s me July 29, 2022
The reason why some refer to methamphetamines as "speed" is because everything seems 10 times faster when using meth.
by Mellon Collie May 25, 2022
Lee is speed.”
by leonardodicapribro April 11, 2022
Kassidy’s wee little legs
She had some speed
by urmadrex2 February 19, 2022
speed is a nigger
by February 02, 2022
speed is gay
speed,”GUESS WHAT”.

random, “what”
speed, “IM GAY”
by joeykaka January 28, 2022
*Unitelligeble Screeching*-Speed
by Speed Number One Hater December 20, 2021