When a person is so down bad for someone that they’re weak in the knees and have no strength to stand up on their own and move on.
Cassie needs to stand up. Ain’t no way I’d ruin my life for Nate Jacobs.
by Yamama1010 February 15, 2022
When a dude says something sexual about someone, say stand up to check if he has a boner
John: Dang bro she got a phat ass, I'd smash

Alexander: Bro, stand up

by silvermew101 March 15, 2019
Talk to tv to tell someone to stand up.
by Kuehlstein January 02, 2018
A brief meeting that is conducted standing up, because it is not intended to last longer than a few minutes, so there is no need for people to sit down and get comfortable.
"Let's have a 5 minute 'stand up' in the morning to make sure everyone knows which clients will be coming in tomorrow."
by Octo September 21, 2013
A person of the respectable moral type. Has a good character and can be relied on to do the right thing.
Girl 1: "OMG last weekend I got so trashed when I was hanging out with Mike."
Girl 2:"OMG you didn't cheat on Jionni did you?"
Girl 1: "No, I wanted to but he was a stand up gentleman about it and just made sure I got home safe"
by fijiicelandic January 27, 2012
A male who calls a short female a "stand up", indicating she is that small she could give oral sex stood up.
"woah check the size of her"
"yeah man she's tiny, she is easy stand up material!"
by KatieLovesIt! April 20, 2009
The biggest shit that Dave Matthews has ever taken. Commonly passed off as an album, it is in fact a steaming pile of crap that when put in a cd player, plays the worst music that Dave Matthews Band has ever even imagined.
Bro #1: "Dude, whats that smell?"

Bro #2: "Bro, whats that sound?"

Bro #1 and 2: "OH! Chadwick must be listening to Stand Up again."
by jbarnes November 14, 2007
representing where you from or command everybody that lives in any other city to represent where they from. represent ur crew
Connecticut Stand up
Bad Newz stand up
Atl stand up
Marcy stand up
by gmandynasty November 18, 2005