When you leave the GTA5 hiest
by Sup2346 December 27, 2022
the fact your looking up the definition is stupid
by imxonxit September 09, 2022
by Eivei August 23, 2022
I am stupid
by FluffyPuppy2011 August 20, 2022
Those are stupid! Ah, you mean Jari and Risto
by Maxbabe August 17, 2022
the person reading this AKA the person stupid enough to search up the meaning if stupid on the urban dictionary
Person A: “look at him he searched stupid on the urban dictionary!”
Person B: “haha hes so stupid!!!”
Person C: “im stupid?”
by richietozierballs August 05, 2022
He could have had Bianca but he slept on that. He’s stupid
by Montezumas August 02, 2022
Hey, stupid!
by Death stroll July 08, 2022