A yummy yummy food that most people like! Originally made in Japan, it has gave happiness to many many countries, like USA! I also have a DOG named Sushi, he is adorable!!! PLEASE try the sushi food ( NOT DOG ) ;00000000
This is such good Sushi!

Not the dog!

I know!

by HiHoCherryO! August 03, 2022
Honestly, worst food ever, involving fish and rice and some other green shit
hey did you have that sushi I made you last night
Ew no.
by collectiveworldd June 11, 2022
Sushi is a slang term which means something like "I'm trying to be intimidating" or "I'm intimidating" how it came to mean this is unknown.
by SpiritGalaxyWolves April 27, 2022
Who doesn't like sushi? You sure, you live on Earth? Okay, fine. Don't like it, sure but hate it??

Welp, it's unfortunate for those who had allergies. Savor your last trip!
Fan 1: Sushi, originally made from Japan. Can be home made or delivery.
Fan 2: You sure like Sushi a "lot."
Fan 1: Yeah~
Fan 2: The bill
Fan 1: I got an album, by the way.
by you'll get burn minute away March 11, 2022
a beautiful british blue cat who was the most cutest and fluffiest thing ever even though she is annoying sometimes she is still the best cat ever
Eleesha: did you see sushi today
Keeleigh: yeah she’s so fluffy
by Ll0ydI3 November 22, 2021
Sushi is commonly thought of to be a Japanese dish but it was actually discovered in China. the Chinese would pack raw fish in rice to preserve it and one day by mistake some one accidentally ate the rice. A couple years later they added fish seaweed ext. sushi is a roll of fish/crab avocado green onions rolled in rice and covered in seaweed.
Let’s get some “sushi”
by Cupcakeking57 July 14, 2021
Sushi is a cutest boy who would want people to call him sushi and not sush . He's so soft and a baby who loves eating chocolates and ice creams
Awww sushi is such a baby
by samar ki patni February 13, 2021
A Sushi Is someone whom is So cute, and fuckAble
GUY 1 : Omg She looks like a Sushi!
GUY 2: Definitely!
by UWU.OUTS. January 03, 2021