Kel: im the best person ever
Everyone in the world: Yes.
by Bob from acnh the best cat! March 24, 2022
jordan mims 😁
by makattack121 September 05, 2021
•TypicalFlame•#1492. They are the best person ever because theyre always there for you. They send daily hugs, everyday, despite having their own things to do. They always listen, no matter how dumb the rant is, and they always respond and dont ignore you, even if they have no clue what youre talking about. They defend no matter what, they always stick up for people when it's needed. They help, theyre always there for you- no matter how busy they are, they will make time to help you and make sure youre ok. They make sure youre having fun and having a good day, no matter what. They just always so whatever it takes for everyone around them. They always help everyone around. They take time out of their busy day to be there, no matter what. They always are there. They never forget you or let you feel anything but loved for even a second. They are just the best person ever, in every way.
"•TypicalFlame•#1492 is the best person ever! I wish I had an awesome friend like him! They're so cool and handsome!"
by The ducks in the hatchet sir August 28, 2021
-Who’s the best person ever?
by TwojaStara August 03, 2021
A person who is fun, caring and exciting to be with.Usually has a pleasing personality and makes people feel comfortable around them!
Wow my friend is the best person ever she's so positive,kind and helps people whenever she can I just love her!
by Navie28 February 02, 2020
A person that everyone likes and will deal with they can do anything
by The chosen apple March 07, 2019