trump is the alter ego of the annoying orange..... at least I think. Research has led many, including some of the most educated doctors and scientists, as well as many soccer moms to believe that all trumpyus have big dumps and small peepees. but let me tell you... them titties be massive like damn those bitches got some honken melons. i could stair into the imaginary eyes of them tiddes for hours on end; yet it would only feel as if a few minutes flew by...

i could watch and wonder as they bounced throughout the day, I could suck for days; years even... as the juicy, decidant saggy tits blessed my tongue. the taste of sweet milk explodes into my open mouth, yummy mommy milkers.

the taste of this decidant and scrumdittlyuptious milk doesn't even begin to describe the potential of these tittysand the milk the flows into my mouth each day, as I suck and suck and suck...

that's right. I'm a child, biatch.
by #regan swallow is ur mom August 21, 2022
an orange. not much more to say
trump has the skin color of an orange
by superglizzygobbler10000 August 19, 2022
Bruh, that’s a “Trump” move
by CoopedeVille August 02, 2022
adj. Indescribably pretty and vile
Bruh, that’s a Trump move
by CoopedeVille August 02, 2022
To Trump is to obtain or complete something by what ever lawful loophole or use of secondary party credential allowed under local/state/or federal law; To bypass usual avenues.
"I'm gonna Trump these fools." ; "What I gotta do to Trump this" "He Trumped his way to what he has."
by VinnyViscious July 09, 2022

Ya I'll take a Trump
by Geckonamer June 25, 2022
When you know you screwed up, lost at something, but refuse the truth.
"Man, I lost my job, my gf is pregnant and I am in trouble with the law. Am a real tRump.
by Captain Breed June 10, 2022
To request a Trump is when you hire a prostitute to render services in the form of urination (or defecation) on a person's chest to achieve sexual satisfaction.
Donald requested the prostitute to perform a Trump in his high class hotel room while visiting Moscow.
by Akachan79 June 05, 2022