Short for "Vape Douchebag." Someone who doesn't realize how annoying it is to constantly see them sucking on a vape pen, or see them post about their "vape life" on social media.
I can't walk around the mall without seeing a v-bag sucking on his clarinet every 5 minutes.
by rafalafaa January 14, 2014
V-bagging is when a mysterious and surprising vagina appears on your face while asleep. Some V-bags are so sneaky, you will not know of it until you receive a random text of a photo while nursing your next-day-hangover.
"Dave's snoring is so bad that if I am ever going to get some beauty sleep, I must V-bag him in order to stop it!"
by Chad Michael Hugill January 01, 2014

This is the female version of when men T-bag people. How men T-bag someone is done by placing their exposed testicles on an individual, most likely the head or face of anyone passed out drunk or sleeping. When a female v-bags someone its done when she places her exposed labia on an unsuspecting person. The ultimate v-bag involves photo's that can be posted on the internet.
A group of girls found a dude passed out at a party and they each did a v-bag on him while taking pic's that they then posted on the web so his girlfriend could see.
by jpg3 October 29, 2012
The female version of T-bagging.

That chick just V-bagged him!
by Emily Bereowon February 11, 2011
A term for the female's version of a Tea-Bag. Also known as Baseball-gloving. Consists of crouching over someone's face and moving up and down over them. -Usually used as an insult, especially in video games.
Nice Kill! You should V-Bag him!
by Miss Tracey xox October 02, 2010
V bag is a term used when you would want to use every swear/insult possible to describe people that think with their pants and not their head
#1: yeah me and my girl split up

#2: What why you two wee so good together

#1: She turned out to be a V bag.

#2: man tough break
by the suckmeister April 17, 2010
When a female takes her vagina lips and actually places them on a persons face usually while their sleeping or passed out. Similar to the male "T-bag" if you know what i mean.
Female places lips on a persons face. hence V-bag
by flaticia "Queen V" March 06, 2010
Verb. Syn: Tea-bagging.

Repeatedly bouncing a naked labia upon a forehead.
"The stripper V-Bagged a goo-string six inches long, I'll never wash this forehead again!"
by Ling Ling Qi September 23, 2009