a currency in the game of Fortnite battle pass I just shit out my ass
Jeff sold his left testicle and grandma for 6 v bucks
by l0stshiba April 19, 2022
A form of crypto currency in a video game called Fortnite. Also known as, "Virgin Bucks"
"You know what V-bucks stands for right? Virgin Bucks."
by FloppyDisk9445 February 27, 2021
i’ll give you V bucks for some pics
by google defin February 20, 2021
A fortnite currency 5 year old kids cry about not getting.
by nobobobo November 23, 2020
A cosmetic that stands for virgin bucks. The more you have, the bigger virgin you are. Once you have enough, you will become a virgin for life.
Boy1- I have 1,000 V-Bucks!
Boy2- I have 2,000!
Boy3- You both are big virgins.
by NotADankMemer February 15, 2020
Something that 6-year old kids buy using their mom’s credit card.
My mother thought my V-Bucks were bitcoin, so she grounded be for life, and tried to spend my V-Bucks on crack. What she didn't know is that V-Buck are from Fortnite, and when she found out she said "I cAn'T bUy CrAcK bEcAuSe Of ePiC gAmEs!11!!"
by Brickdasher1 HD January 23, 2020
V-bucks are a virtual in game currency used in the popular game fortnite. V-bucks (virtual bucks) can be bought in many different paggages. V-bucks are primarily bought by nine year olds who have NO life. V-bucks are very expensive as 140= £1. In conclusion don’t buy V-bucks
Mum! Lemme buy some v-bucks
by C4MSW3 December 09, 2019
Virgin Buckaroos. For every V-Buck you own the longer you remain as a virgin. Used to buy skins and dances in the game "Fortnite"
"Hey Leo I'll be a virgin forever" "Why?" "I own 7,500 V-Bucks and own 69 fortnite skins"
by Coolguy8091 August 18, 2019