A word used by my dear friend from MHHS
He usually uses it to make the conversation awkward and dirty. Only morons would actually look up the true meaning of this word though. Yes this means you B-Rad. Please also see ZJ and Shwang if you want to see anymore ridiculous words used by my dear friend Cody.
Guy1: Dude Did you shwang her V-jang?
Guy2: Dude i Shwanged her V-jang
Guy1: Sweet
by Screamz1518 May 03, 2009
Made up word created by Cody C from MHHS
Use it in a random sentence and listen to youre friends reaction and tell them to look it up here if they don't know it...
If they do, they are truly a moron =)
& yes B-Rad, I'm talking to you...lol
Guy 1: Did you see that chicks V-Jang?!
Guy 2: WTF is a V-Jang?
Guy 1: Are you serious? You don't know what a V-Jang is? lol, wow....
by bananaNsprite April 29, 2009