White Boy Reincarnation of T-Mac, the legend that still plays 2k14 cuz T-Mac is available in free agency, the show stopper, hot sauce tosser, swiss cheese squeeze breeze freeze smoove move V-Mac will prove showmen.
The Stallion among the 4 Horsemen.
The Million in the Dolar Man.

The C-Quel to Fallout.
The Pre-Quel to Borat.
Can't stand a chance against V-Mac. That boi going to do sweep you like dust from a Rule Book. He's got that Ref RNA in him.
by 2k14 T-Mac May 15, 2018
When you accidentally go vertical in her pussy while eating mac salad
Aden and Victoria had a nice v-mac at the party.
by Jh0101984 October 06, 2016