A man who is better than everyone else and knows it.
Does not take no crap
Man Arron is one sick V - Unit, i would not mess with him
by Mac Vitie March 11, 2008
woah dude, check out that v-unit
by hey rock on July 09, 2006
A vietnamese gang in southern california. The leader is Chuckie Aikenz. This fobby vietnamese gang named themselves after g unit. They usually rap with heavy vietnamese accents talking about their life. They roll with about 100 gooks everywhere, from the mall, movie, parks. You can see them rolling in their hondas with hooked up rims. Becareful when you see the v unit, give them respect because they don't leave their house without their AKS. You can hear them comming from 10 miles away because when they are not blasting rap, they usually blast heavy vietnamese musics.
Hey man, the v unit are comming. How are you sure. Can't you hear the music? Du ma tu may...VVVVV UNOT
by Tan Bui July 18, 2005
Chuckie Akenz's gang/crew. It has 3548 members and its from the jane and finch area. It is mostly vietnamese/asian gangsters but it also has some blacks/browns/whites. It has a rap crew called The 21 Clipz which features Chuckie Akenz as a vietnamese rapper. This crew has no hispanics. The people of this crew and its leader is featured on jane-finch.com This crew resides at the jane and finch area and every time this gang has beef with someone it brings machetes and automatics and walks with a 100 people on the street. V-unit stands for Vietnamese Unit.
V-unit kicks ass on jane and finch.
V-unit sliced apart someone with their machetes yesterday.
V-unit shot somebody at the jane and finch area.
derived from the correct term vagina, with a little help from my friend fiddy cent. also means vag, cunt, and pussy. first spoken in latin , by pope pius the 2nd, banging his mistresses v-unit
oh, im gonna fuck that bitch right in her v-unit!
by oskosh April 21, 2005
(noun) vulva
We were best of friends, I treated her like the lady she was. One night she decided to offer me her v-unit. That was when I learned she was a virgin.
by Jake January 11, 2004
vi3t-unit; vietnamese gangsterz
this neighbourhood is pure v-units
by V-Unit December 14, 2003
Yo V-unit do you even know what a naked chick looks like?
by unknown November 22, 2003