Everyone dicks down his wife because he be acting like a Will Smith.
by Test purposes July 30, 2022
To physically attack someone for making fun of your spouse, often in the form of a slap across the face followed by yelling "Keep my wife's name out of your fucking mouth".
Bob: Damn! You just Will Smith'd the shit out of that guy
Bob's friend: What do you expect? He made fun of my wife.
by GeorgeWBush420 June 27, 2022
He likes slapping people like a lot
He's black
And he's got a snazy beard
I just will smith somebody
I'm a will smith
I've got a good lookin will smith
by Mr.bomb May 28, 2022
To slap someone after they made a joke about your lover
Bro. Why you will smithin' me. I was joking
by Snakie_wafflez May 12, 2022
storm the stage for an act of violence
That guy Will Smith Dave Chappelle 's show at the Hollywood Bowl.
by dongdongcat May 06, 2022
A entity in the backrooms map “The oscars” Who will slap you to Uranus.
For example: Yo bro! I got slapped all the way to Ukraine because of the one will smith pulled on me yesterday.
by Biglaugher24 April 30, 2022

Hey did you hear about what Will Smith did?
by Mr Big Brain April 23, 2022
A extremely painful, anger powered slap.
dude1: i hate you

dude2:b**** imma Will Smith you into the fourth dimension.
by CrossKendo April 20, 2022