X-bow cycle is a deck in clash Royale that legends with a high level of skill uses win against idiot who can’t defend the easiest card in the game (x-bow). People who are huge cocksuckers who suck at defending often complain about the x-bow cycle.
I’m very skillful player and I play x-now cycle.

I’m hate facing x-bow cycle because I can’t defend and I like sucking big cocks.
by 3.0 X-bow pro July 06, 2021
Xbow cycle is a deck in clash royale used by 40-year-old men that like hopping on big veiny cocks. This deck is also used by people who have no social life and spend 20 hours a day in their darkroom.
Person 1: Hey do you want to hang out?

Person 2: No sorry I can't I'm bouncing on cock.

Person 1: Oh sorry I forgot you play X-Bow Cycle.
by hasdj June 10, 2021