The hardest and utmost degree of core; the most X-treme level of core attainable.
billy: So I was fucking this girl in a jacuzzi, and I was on it so hard I hit my face on the side and broke my tooth.
me: Shit did you finish?
billy: FUCK YEAH...*walks away like a badass*
me: Damn that guy is x core.
by January 03, 2007
x Core means, an emo, who is Clean and by that i mean :
no cutting
no smoking
no drugs
no alcohol
ect... you get the idea
I'm So X core...I shit razor blades and piss blood?
by Emo-Shnizz August 16, 2006
The same as raw , hardcore, and thrashcore.
by Jim Baker August 05, 2006
1. Hardcore

2. Awesome

3. Very cool

4. To a high extent

For example:
1. That is the most x-core guitar ever!

2. His drum playing was x-core.

3. "I bought a new 'vette!"
"X-core! X-core!"

4. I love his hair, like, x-core to the max.
by Eccentrica Gallumbits May 06, 2006