1. An X-File is an FBI case designated "unsolved"
2. A case dealing with the Paranormal or unkown
"A X-File has been opened into Aliens"
by pooper agent September 17, 2006
A term used to describe a freakish, unexplainable event often relating to the paranormal.
I swear there were aliens in my room last night...this must really be an X File!
by 42 March 04, 2005
It a term for downloading porn off the internet.
John been downloading x-files from Kazaa.
by dietcoke December 12, 2004
1. A term used to describe a convicted child molester that has been released from prison.

2. A popular television show in the 90's about 2 FBI agents investigating the paranormal.
That X-File is just going to molest more kids, he should have been killed in prison.
by fatso December 11, 2004