When someone thinks they are good at any given extreme sport... just because they watched a lot of YouTube videos of it, etc. They are usually at the local skatepark, talking about how everybody here sucks because nobody is doing 1080s , or front flip double tailwhips. He might see someone there trying to learn 360s and offer some douche advice like “SPIN FASTER and PULL HARDER!! But the sad truth is - the “X-Games Pro” can’t do ANY tricks himself although he precieves himself as good because he has become delusional of his own riding level- mainly via YouTube videos of pro riders segments, etc.
I like how that X-Games Pro , Toby over there , is giving advice on how to do tricks that he has never even TRIED to do himself. Then coming over here and saying shit like- “Anybody that can’t do a backflip sucks”.
by SirWonky January 08, 2018