X-Men Unlimited is like high school. If you're not popular or exist within a certain clique, people don't care enough about you. They would rather talk shit behind your back and bend the rules to please their own egos then to bother with the welfare of their members. Most are too busy sucking off the next cock to really give a damn. Unless you're a good asskisser, don't bother roleplaying here. This room is nothing but a breading ground for drama whores and asskissers. There is usually too much dramatic bullshit going on to really get a good roleplay going and while you roleplay, there will be others in the background having a good laugh. They rather judge you on your character then on the person behind it
X-Men Unlimited: Got bullshit?
by Anarchist87 July 22, 2009
A Marvel roleplaying that encourages a certain IQ standard and discourages idiots, ignorance, and general douchebaggery. Is constantly beleaguered by the aforementioned populations, and thankfully, has management that gets things done instead of posting things on idiotic websites under fake monikers to hide their actions.
Man, those guys at X-Men Unlimited don't tolerate shitty people. Maybe I should grow a brain and stay the fuck out.
by Bored With Idiots July 17, 2009
A community that existed since MSN chats where people asskiss each other and have their cliques, and its forbidden to ever reply to an abusive admin such as fuck you or insults, They also known to put people on BOS because they dont get their way, They also have a tendency to asskiss their minority members such as Homosexuals and Black people, and end up banning white people because Homos or blacks pull the race or sex card,Its more drama then it is about RP..
Hey, have you heard of the has-been community, x-men unlimited?

Yeah they used to roleplay there now its a drama whore convention.
by Sikor December 02, 2008